Bud Werner Pop-Up Book Discussion

After the Flood

Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 5:30pm to 6:30pm
  • Mountain Tap Brewery
Meet us at Mountain Tap Brewery for a casual book discussion and, of course, some brewery indulgences!

About the Book 

Montag's thrilling debut takes place in a future climate-change-altered world overrun by water, forcing what's left of humanity to live on the seas or in mountain colonies. Myra and her seven-year-old daughter, Pearl, have survived by fishing, trading, and avoiding opportunist raiders like the Lily Black pirates, who are known to abduct women and children. Myra has spent years tracking her older daughter, Row, who was taken by her father just before their home in Nebraska was destroyed. After searching without a lead, Myra manages to stop a member of the Lily Black from abducting Pearl, and before she kills him, he tells her that he saw Row in a northern colony. Myra is determined to find a way to get to Row, but everything is turned upside down when Pearl convinces her to rescue a stranded man, Daniel, who turns out to be a cartographer. As she grows to trust Daniel, Myra is determined to convince him to help them find Row, despite the many dangers they'll have to face. Anchored by a complicated, compelling heroine, this gripping, speculative, high-seas adventure is impossible to put down.--Kristine Huntley Copyright 2019 Booklist

Get the Book

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About the Club 

The Bud Werner Library book club is on the road!  This meeting is open to anyone interested in reading the book and participating in a discussion. This book club is designed to be inclusive, supportive and meet the needs and interests of the group. Snacks will be provided, so make sure that you sign up so we have enough food.  Sign up at the circulation desk, call 879-0240, or use the registration button at the top of this page.