Crane Migration
Fred Hodder

Fall Staging & Southern Migration of Rocky Mountain Greater Sandhill Cranes

Thursday, October 7, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Virtual Event via Crowdcast
A talk with Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition's Van Graham and Erin Gelling

Third in a series: A follow-up to spring's Greater Sandhill Crane Nesting talk and summer's Hatching to Fledging to Independence: Raising Greater Sandhill Crane Chicks talk.

Greater Sandhill Cranes gather in large groups in “staging” areas during the fall prior to migrating south for the winter. These staging areas are key places for cranes to feed and bulk up for their migration. Cranes migrate during the day and use key stopover sites located along their southern migration route to rest and refuel. Focusing on the Rocky Mountain Greater Sandhill Cranes, learn what staging areas are, why they are important, and how cranes use them. Learn how cranes migrate south and the key stopover sites they use along the way. Learn how people play a role in providing staging areas and what you can do to help cranes during staging and migration.

About the Speakers

Van Graham is a retired Colorado Parks and Wildlife Biologist who spent about 25 years studying Greater Sandhill Cranes in Northwestern Colorado and authored the original Greater Sandhill Crane recovery plan for Northwest Colorado.

Erin Gelling is the Program Director for Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition and wildlife biologist with more than 10 years of experience in avian and wildlife biology and rangeland ecology.

Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition, Inc. (CCCC) works to conserve and protect Greater Sandhill Cranes and their habitat through science and education. This event is presented in partnership with Bud Werner Library, a proud presenter of the Yampa Valley Crane Festival since its inception.