Waiting for Eggs to Hatch
Sally Thurston

Everything You Want to Know About Greater Sandhill Crane Nesting

Monday, May 3, 2021 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Virtual Event via Crowdcast
Van Graham and Erin Gelling with the Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition present a talk about Greater Sandhill Crane nesting in Colorado

Greater Sandhill Cranes nest in the spring in wetlands, building large but simple nests on the ground surrounded by water. Forming life-long pair bonds, crane pairs will typically switch off incubating 2 eggs for 30 days, hatching young that are able to see and walk within a few hours. How do cranes build their nests and protect their nests against predators? Do the parents spend equal time incubating the eggs? What happens when a nest fails or eggs don’t hatch? What happens during hatching?

Learn about general crane nesting biology, the more intricate details of nesting, and how you can help protect crane nests...and make sure you visit the Yampa Valley's own Sandhill Crane Nest Cam often this spring!

About the Speakers

Van Graham is a retired Colorado Parks and Wildlife Biologist who spent about 25 years studying Greater Sandhill Cranes in Northwestern Colorado and authored the original Greater Sandhill Crane Recovery Plan for Northwest Colorado.

Erin Gelling is the Program Director for Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition, with a background in avian wildlife biology and rangeland ecology.

Colorado Crane Conservation Coalition, Inc. (CCCC) works to conserve and protect Greater Sandhill Cranes and their habitat through science and education. This event is presented in partnership with Bud Werner Library, a proud presenter of the Yampa Valley Crane Festival since its inception.