Brain Health

Health Perspectives ~ Brain Health

Monday, April 1, 2019 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm
  • Library Hall
Dr. Jo Anne Grace explores the dynamic relationship between the brain and the central nervous system, and shares six steps to keep the brain healthy.

Dr. Jo Anne Grace reviews the body connection between the brain, the mind and the spirit, as she discusses the latest research about the effectiveness of neurofeedback, a method for balancing brainwave activity and changing your emotional and behavioral reactions. During the presentation, experience how a healthy brain is a happy brain through six different steps: feed the brain, exercise the brain, balance the brain, train the brain, program the brain, challenge the brain. These brain health exercises have positive effects for anxiety, ADD/AHDD, chronic pain, concussions/TBI, depression, grief, insomnia, memory loss, panic attacks, PTSD/PTG, stress and trauma, and can be used to increase performance and activate executive brain functions.

About the speaker

Dr. Jo Anne Grace

Dr. Jo Anne Grace is a health educator, a practical theologian and a spiritual healthcare specialist. Her 30-year experience as a stress management practitioner, a heath motivational coach, a neuro-health trainer, a grief counselor and a spiritual director informs her teaching, writing and research into Pneumasomatic Care. Pneumasomatic Care explores the intimate connection between the spirit and body … the brain and mind. She combines physiology and theology to offer an integrated approach to Brain Health. Dr. Grace directs the NeuroHealth Center and serves as chaplain for Northwest Colorado Health’s Hospice Program in Steamboat Springs.


About the library's Health Perspectives Series

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