Memory House

Foreign Film Series ~ Memory House

Thursday, January 13, 2022 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Library Hall
An award-winning drama from Brazil by director João Paulo Miranda Maria

Masks are required to attend this live event in Library Hall.

In this audacious debut feature, João Paulo Miranda Maria conjures a surreal image of the racial and social rifts in modern day Brazil. Cristovam (played by Cinema Novo icon Antônio Pitanga), an Indigenous Black man from the rural North, moves to an industrialized Southern town populated by the descendants of Austrian ex-pats to work in a milk factory. Immediately confronted with their virulent racism, he becomes more and more estranged from the white world. Upon discovering an abandoned house filled with objects reminding him of his origins, Cristovam begins a spiritual and physical metamorphosis...

With dreamlike images steeped in traditional Brazilian folklore from cinematographer Benjamin Echazarreta (Academy Award winner A Fantastic Woman), Memory House is a “a study of what happens to an oppressed minority as decades of abuse chip away at his humanity” and “a timely commentary on integration and colonialism” (Variety).

Screens in Portuguese with English subtitles


Run Time: 

94 min.
“Memory House” is, above all, a fable about identities lost and cultural artifacts in need of recovery that doubles as a thrilling and foreboding ride designed to rattle audiences at home and abroad with equal verve."