Sandra and Erv

Sandhill Crane Basics

Thursday, September 1, 2022 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Library Hall
A Yampa Valley Crane Festival talk with naturalists Sandra Noll and Erv Nichols

When watching a group of Sandhill Cranes did you ever wish you knew more about these elegant birds, what they’re doing and why? Crane Basics is your opportunity to learn more about crane biology and behavior. You will gain insights into crane migration, family life, body language and vocalizations through our photographs and captivating video. It’s knowledge that will significantly enhance your crane watching experience!

About the speakers

Erv Nichols and Sandra Noll have traveled extensively sharing their skills as naturalists, photographers, lecturers and interpretive guides in a wide variety of Fish and Wildlife Refuges, National Parks, Audubon Centers and other conservation areas. They have a special connection with Sandhill Cranes and have been featured speakers and guides at Festivals in New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Nebraska.  They’ve been featured in a nature video “Migrating With the Sandhill Cranes” by Bryan Nelson and were consultants on PBS’s recent “Nature” special “Born in the Rockies.” Whether from a viewing deck, lecture hall or guiding bird walks, their passion connects people with our nation’s special landscapes and wildlife. 

About the Yampa Valley Crane Festival: Sept. 1-4, 2022

The Greater Sandhill Crane is an iconic species of the Yampa Valley. Returning in the spring, cranes nest and raise their young in wetland areas throughout the valley. In late summer and early fall, hundreds of cranes from the Rocky Mountain flock join the local birds to rest and feed before continuing their journey south. The Yampa Valley Crane Festival celebrates these iconic birds with daily crane viewings, expert speakers, films, art exhibits, workshops, family activities and more. Bud Werner Memorial Library is festival headquarters and the venue for many of these talks, films and events. Learn more about the 11th annual Yampa Valley Crane Festival.