Underwater Wilderness: Sudan

Wild Films ~ Underwater Wilderness: Sudan

Monday, March 25, 2019 - 6:30pm to 7:45pm
  • Library Hall
A featured documentary at the 2018 International Wildlife Film Fest by Balázs Lerner and Zsolt Sásdi ... plus a bonus short, Adaptation Bangladesh: Sea Level Rise

Two Hungarian dedicated divers, cameraman Zsolt Sásdi and nature photographer Dániel Selmeczi, visit one of the richest marine habitats on Earth: the coral reefs of the Western Red Sea Coast. On their journey, they come across abandoned shipwrecks, sharp-toothed sharks and Jacques Cousteau’s abandoned underwater living experiment. They visit the most beautiful reefs of the Red Sea, and experience firsthand the infinite variety of the underwater wilderness. Run time: 50 minutes

BONUS SHORT! Adaptation Bangladesh: Sea Level Rise by Justin DeShields
The “new normal” of global climate change is, generally, a harrowing reality to contemplate. Cultural anthropologist Alizé Carrére helps us see, however, that it does not need to be a reality devoid of hope. In Bangladesh — the most densely populated country in the world and one that will bear a disproportionate share of the impact of global climate change — Carrére shows us the kind of resilience, flexibility and innovation that will be requisite for the survival of our species. Run time: 12 minutes

Run Time: 

50 min

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