Winter Flies

Foreign Film Series ~ Winter Flies

Tuesday, February 8, 2022 - 6:00pm to 7:30pm
  • Library Hall
Winner of 4 Lion Awards (Czech Academy Awards)...a drama from the Czech Republic by director Olmo Omerzu

Masks are required to attend this live event in Library Hall.

Police interrogate 14-year-old Mára at the station after he is caught behind the wheel far across country from where he lives. He and somewhat eccentric Heduš had set out for the frozen landscape down south to seek adventure, but the mischievous breeziness with which Mára gives his story, and his concealment of the details of the trip, gradually strip his statement of credibility. With uncommon directorial playfulness, Olmo Omerzu leads his central pair of young nonprofessional actors through the expanding narrative, in which a variety of detours arise with the same elegant spontaneity as they later disappear. A road movie about the flies that occasionally buzz around even in winter, telling a story of boyhood friendship and the irrepressible desire to experience something, even if you don’t exactly know what.

Screens in Czech with English subtitles

Run Time: 

81 minutes
Winter Flies is a lovely little film that’s as comfortable as an old sweater and almost as warm.
Hollywood Reporter