Available Technology

Free Public Computers

Twenty-two public computers on the 2nd floor, 5 teen computers in the teen area, and 4 children's computers in the children's area provide free access to high-speed internet, word processing, and other library resources during the library‚Äôs operating hours. We require that all patrons comply with our Internet Policy. Failure to do so will result in the loss of computer privileges.

Free Wireless Internet

Anyone with access to a laptop computer and wireless capabilities may utilize wireless networks both within and outside of the building. The Library's wireless service is provided free of charge and no passwords are required. To connect, choose the network called Library.

Printers & Copiers

Black & White print and copy services are available on the second floor of the library. We accept bills and coins. Color printing/copying is not available at this time.

Faxing & Scanning

Faxing & Scanning services are available at the Reference Desk on the 2nd floor. The library only offers domestic, outgoing faxes and cannot accept incoming faxes. To receive faxes please use the services offered by Postnet or UPS. 

  • Faxing costs $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page.
  • Scanning costs include a $2.00 set-up fee plus 25 cents per page. Scanned documents/images can be stored on a personal storage device or sent to the patron's email address as an attachment.

Headphones, USB Drives, and other Office Supplies

The Library offers access to a limited variety of office supplies and computer accessories, including: 

  • Headphones -- available for purchase ($1.00 each) or in-house lending ($0.00)
  • 1.0 gigabyte USB Flash Drives -- available for in-house lending ($0.00)
  • 3-Hole Punch
  • Stapler
  • Clear Adhesive Tape
  • Paper Cutter/Trimmer
  • Legal Envelopes -- available for purchase ($0.10 each)
  • Forever U.S. Postage Stamps (current rate)


A microfilm/fiche reader is available on the 2nd floor in the Local History room. Files can be saved to a personal USB Flash Drive, uploaded to a personal Google Drive, emailed as attachments, or printed at $0.10/page.

Mobile App

Mobile App Icon

Our mobile app will be discontinued on August 18, 2019.

to learn how to replace this app with a homepage icon to our mobile website.

Courtesy Telephone

The library offers a free public phone for local telephone calls. The courtesy phone is located at the Children's desk.

Frequently Requested Items Not Available

We are often asked if we offer the following items. Unfortunately, these items are not available at the Bud Werner Memorial Library.

  • Projectors (computer, film, or slide)
  • Typewriters
  • Color Prints/Copies