Bud's Short Story Dispenser

Bud's Short Story Dispenser
Special for the Pandemic Pause! Visit Bud's Short Story Dispenser virtually from home!

We believe there is always time for a good story – even if you only have a minute.

While touching buttons together isn't the smartest idea and our machine is on COVID-19 lockdown, we present our VIRTUAL SHORT STORY DISPENSER! Push all the story buttons you like...safely and at home!

Bud Werner Memorial Library is proud to present Short Edition in Steamboat Springs Colorado's first short story dispenser.

This simple-to-use machine spits out contemporary tales that are custom-tailored for busy lives on the run. The Short Story Dispenser is designed to elevate the role of story in our everyday lives, giving everyone the opportunity for a serendipitous literary experience, free of charge.

**The machine now includes stories by local Yampa Valley authors as well! You'll know you've scored one of these Short Fiction Contest winners when you push the button, as they will have a special Local Author notation at the bottom of the scroll.

These unexpected moments of literary escape are provided to the Steamboat community in memory of Wayne E. Swanson — a lover of stories.

Local Authors in Bud's Short Story Dispenser

Special seasons mean special story themes on our machine!

February 7-14 | Romance for Valentine's Day
March 21-April 4 | Tales around spring & nature
April 5-18 | It's National Poetry Month! Enjoy some poems.
May 18-31 | Dive into magical realism.
July 6-19 | The stories of summer
August 3-16 | Time to laugh: Stories that'll make you smile, snicker & sneer
October 19-31 | Suspense & horror for Halloween
November 16-29 | Escape with family and home for Thanksgiving
December 7-25 | Stories of the holidays

How to Use the Short Story Dispenser

  1. Decide if you want a one-minute, three-minute or children's story.
  2. Push the button.
  3. Grab the free eco-friendly scroll that emerges from the front slot...and read your story!

Visit our Short Story Dispenser often, whether you're walking by, stopping in to check email, swapping DVDs or waiting on kids at Storytime. You’ll enjoy a short, sweet read designed to entertain, engage and momentarily sweep you away. It's full of an ever-changing cache of short stories, many of which will take on special seasonal themes.