Staying Safe Online

Internet Filtering

Colorado's 2004 Internet Protection in Public Libraries (C.R.S. 24-90-601) law mandates Internet access be filtered for customers under the age of 17. Since we do not restrict access to our public computers based on age, all of our free computers are filtered to block pornography, child pornography or obscenity. 

Any adult (18 years or older) may request that the filter be turned off during their session.  Accordingly, if you feel that a site should not be blocked, please ask a staff person to remove the block.

We wish to create a safe environment, however no filtering software is totally accurate, nor is it a substitute for parental judgment and oversight. 

Personal Information on Public Computers

The computers are cleaned and rebooted completely after every session. Still, we urge you to log out of your email and other accounts before the end of your session, and never allow the computer to remember your login information. We also encourage you to save your documents to a location other than the public computers because all documents are removed upon ending a session, and they are not retrievable. If you require a flash drive for in-house use, or would like to know about cloud-based storage, please inquire upstairs at the Reference Desk. 

Your credit card information should be safe if you establish a secure connection between the browser and the website asking for credit card information. Look for the universal lock symbol in the lower right-hand corner of the browser window and https in the URL.

Safety of the Wireless Internet

There is inherent risk using any public wireless internet connection and the standard advice for mobile users is to install a software Firewall onto your machine and use a high quality anti-virus software with definitions updated daily.  With that level of protection public wireless internet is usually safe to use. The Library, however, is not responsible for any data that is acquired by an outside source.

Public Internet Use Policy

The Bud Werner Memorial Library (Library) is committed to providing free and equal access to library resources and information through both physical and virtual materials, and technology including electronic resources, services, networks and computer access in order to meet the informational needs and interests of patrons.