Proctoring Services

Free proctoring services are offered by the Library. A computer with high-speed internet access is provided in a quiet room suitable for test taking.


  • The student or appropriate educational authority must contact Tanya Lillehoff (Associate Reference Librarian)  at  970-879-0240 x 304, or via this form before any service can be rendered.
  • Once approval is received, appointments must be made well in advance of the exam date. Two to three weeks is preferable.
  • Instructions from the student's school or university must be provided prior to any proctoring appointment.
  • There is no guarantee of direct supervision during the test-taking process.

Those wishing to study independently at the library, collaborate with a group (3-7 patrons), or take an exam without supervision, are encouraged to reserve the Small Meeting Room twenty-four hours prior to the event. Additional individual study rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis in the Non-fiction and Reference Department on the second floor of the Library.