Kanopy + TV

Step-by-Step, one-time setup instructions to stream Kanopy Videos on a TV with a Roku, Apple TV, HDMI Cable, or Chromecast

Step 1: Create a Kanopy Account

  1. Navigate to steamboat.kanopystreaming.com using your preferred browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, etc.)
  2. Click “Continue” at the welcome screen.
  3. In the upper, right-hand corner click on “Sign up.”
  4. Follow the prompts to create an account and click on “Sign up.”
  5. Open your email and search for an email from Kanopy to verify your account.
  6. Click on the verification link and the email will re-open your browser and ask you for a library card number.
  7. Once your library card has been validated you will be able to watch movies.

Step 2: Set up TV & Stream Movies

Note: Because each TV setup requires its own set of instructions, please visit Kanopy’s website for detailed instructions.

Note: Video files can be quite large so make sure to have a good Internet connection before watching. Items return automatically after 3 days (72 hours). There are no overdue fines associated with this service or content. You may check out up to 15 titles through Kanopy per month.