Going to Mars

Bud Watch Party ~ Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project

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Wednesday, July 31, 2024 - 12:00am
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Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance -- a beguiling documentary portrait following poet and activist Nikki Giovanni as she approaches 80

The film explores Nikki Giovanni’s Afrofuturist-feminist philosophical outlook as well as her poignant relationship with her family, her political audacity, and her poetic eloquence, all knit together with a constant eye and ear for its subject’s own aesthetic verve. Looking back at a personal life and history cast in the long shadow of American racism, and forward to hopeful, possible futures, Giovanni acts as our guide and narrator, with refreshingly unorthodox filmmakers Joe Brewster and Michèle Stephenson refraining from traditional chronologies or talking-head conventions. Going to Mars is fueled by constant intellectual engagement and radical imagination in the search for emotional and political fulfillment in a world of disenfranchisement.

Stream the film at the button above. Log on to Kanopy to watch for free with your library card.

Run Time: 

101 min.

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