Mom Dad's Nipple Factory

Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 - 6:30pm to 8:00pm
  • Library Hall
A special documentary about "love, family & nipples" for Paint the Town Pink & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

When Randi is diagnosed with breast cancer, her husband Brian, a conservative Midwest family man, embarks on an extraordinary journey to boost her morale, which turns into a homespun prosthetic nipple business, all while staying under the radar from their friends, their church and their five children.

Mom & Dad’s Nipple Factory tells the unlikely story of how director Justinsuperstar’s conservative Christian parents launched a secret prosthetic nipple business from their humble home in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. This offbeat and often times humorous investigation into his parents' business, exposes the broader dynamics of the director’s family, the reaction of their small-town community, and ultimately the remarkable untold love story of Brian and Randi Johnson.

This decades-in-the-making story follows the odd couple of introverted tinkerer and entrepreneur Brian, his beloved social butterfly wife Randi, and the often-ingenious lengths they went to raise five kids on a combined income of under $14,000 a year. However, with the kids all grown and having left the nest, the impact of Randi's breast cancer diagnosis nearly devastates the couple. Following a unilateral mastectomy, and unsatisfied with the offerings available on the market, Brian quietly begins fashioning custom nipples for his wife that impress even their world-renowned plastic surgeon. A secret nipple business is launched, helping people all over the world while their family remains completely unaware.

The Johnsons open up to one another in new and profound ways as the impact of their business is realized and the taboo “Nipple Factory” becomes public knowledge to their small hometown community. Ultimately the secret business is recognized for its altruistic intentions, and it unites a once close-knit family, who had started to grow apart in the intervening years.

Run Time: 

81 min.

Paint the Town Pink with The Bust of Steamboat

2023 Paint the Town Pink

The Power of Pink means work together so that no woman fights alone! Twenty-three years ago a group of women in Steamboat Springs gathered to brainstorm on ways to help local women fighting breast cancer. From that initial meeting a live auction was launched that took place one Friday each October; it was called “The Bust of Steamboat.”  In the early years, “The Bust of Steamboat” auctioned off decorated bras to the highest bidder, then, eventually artwork containing the images of bras or busts. During many of those years, Bud Werner Library was a venue to showcase the Bust of Steamboat artwork.

In 2019, Bust of Steamboat shifted to a community-wide focus called, “Paint the Town Pink” where, ANY and EVERY business can launch their own fundraiser and have a direct impact for local women.
• In the past 5 years, Bust of Steamboat has given out an estimated $211,000 & touched over 425 women.
• In the last year, Bust of Steamboat has paid $15,000 for mammograms.

Donations to Bust of Steamboat accepted at the door to this free film event, and online at