2024 Peeps Show at the Library

Join the 4th Annual Peeps Show at the Library!

Peep-les Choice Awards!

Thank you for your infinite creativity, Literary Peeps! Your community has spoken. Congratulations to the Peep-le's Choice Award winners!

Based on community voting, we'll be awarding Peep-le's Choice Awards (Chamber bucks!) in the following categories:

  • Peep-le's Choice First Place Kids (0-12) ~ Flat Peeply, Steamboat Style by Emma G., Jurgen J., Tommy G., and Ali J.
  • Peep-le's Choice Second Place Kids (0-12) ~ Peter Rabbit by Payton Wilson
  • Peep-le's Choice First Place Teens (13-17) ~ Peepnuts by Mitchell
  • Peep-le's Choice Second Place Teens (13-17) ~ Tao and Elle (Heartstopper Vol. 2) by Maya Wandler
  • Peep-le's Choice First Place Group ~ Harry Peeper by The Moody Sisters
  • Peep-le's Choice Grand Prize Adult (18+) ~ Peep Shrek by Garret Bock