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Race to Alaska

Thursday, June 23, 2022 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm
  • Library Hall
Bud's Summer Ocean Adventure Series: 750 miles. Icy water. No motors. No support. The Iditarod on a boat with a chance of drowning or being eaten by a grizzly.

The Race to Alaska is a documentary following the visceral experience of racers as they compete in one of the most difficult endurance challenges in the world. Described as “the Iditarod, on a boat, with a chance of drowning or being eaten by a grizzly bear,” it’s amazing anyone enters at all. There are no motors and no support – and nobody finishes without a story. Its an adrenaline-fueled, 750-mile boat race through the dangerous and spectacular wilderness of the Inside Passage to Alaska. The film is a raw account of  pulling through, again and again – a window into what collective stamina looks like.

Through vast aerials, in depth interviews, and raw racer-shot footage, The Race to Alaska tells the story of the race's improbable inception, and the journey of the men and women who answered the call to action. These unlikely heroes challenge themselves to find their edge on an epic engineless charge through the inside passage to Alaska, one of the most complex and beautiful race courses on the planet.

At this event the library will also provide updates about Mark Bostrom, a Steamboat Springs High School graduate did the race in 2019 and is currently on course again with team High Seas Drifters aboard the boat “Dark Horse.” It can watched live in their website r2ak.com, where they have a live tracker.