The Sky King

Tween Book Club

The Sky King

Wednesday, June 19, 2024 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
  • Children's Storytime Room
A soaring adventure you don't want to a visit from the author!

About the Book 

We are lucky enough to host Polly Holyoke, the author, at our discussion! You don't want to miss her insight and knowledge for this riveting second book in the series!

Fresh from their victory over the frightening chimerae monsters, Kie and N'Rah are looking forward to a quiet life on her uncle's orchard, far from the turmoil of the capital city. They miss the friends they made there, but as sky couriers, their job keeps them busy. 

Then Kie unexpectedly receives a message from the emperor himself! He has an urgent mission for Kie and N'Rah—they need to find the Sky King, the elusive ruler of the wild skysteeds that soar across the land. After losing so many fighters in the Battle of a Thousand Chimerae, the empire is in desperate need of a hundreds of winged horses for their soldiers to ride. The wild herds are the only source, but bitter betrayals in the past have made the Sky King distrustful of humans. 

Kie's unique gift of communicating with all skysteeds makes her the best person for the job, but it would take a miracle for the Sky King to trust a young girl. Then a new threat emerges in the form of huge birds of prey called vultiren. With the fearsome creatures heading straight for the wild skysteeds’ hidden refuge, Kie must convince the Sky King to ally with her—before their world is destroyed forever.

About the Club 

Read the book and meet at the library for a riveting book discussion and fun filled activities! 

  • For ages 8-12.
  • For both boys and girls.
  • The first 10 readers can pick up a copy of the book to borrow at the Kids' Desk. Otherwise, you'll have to place the book on hold.
  • Sign up at the Kids' Desk or online.
  • Parents welcome, but not required, to attend.