Erin Schmidt

Get organized! Escaping the Chaos of Clutter

Thursday, July 11, 2024 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Library Hall
Learn the process and powerful life benefits of decluttering your home with professional organizer Erin Schmidt.

Liberate your home from clutter by discarding items that no longer serve you and organizing the rest.

  • Are you overwhelmed by “stuff” in your home?
  • Are you saving items for your grown children or “just in case?”
  • Are you frustrated when you can't find items when you need them?

Join Erin to learn organizing steps and strategies. You will walk away with tips, tricks and resources. Her philosophy is contagious: Letting go of our stuff thoughtfully and creatively can lead to a greater sense of freedom. Her eco-friendly campaign includes ideas for finding new homes for discarded items so nothing goes to the landfill. This presentation is geared for young families, busy professionals, seniors and everyone in between.

About the speaker

Erin Schmidt is a passionate Steamboat summertime visitor who loves Bud Werner Library and has helped many clients liberate their homes from the stress of clutter and too much stuff.  Whether preparing for a move, joining households, or calming the effects of a busy life, she can help you bring a sense of calm and peacefulness to your home. Erin lives in a strawbale home in the country with her husband. She has two adult children and enjoys storytelling, hiking, traveling, playing cards, being a tour director, and finding fun and interesting ways to gather with friends. She has always enjoyed organizing, and when her kids left home she seized the opportunity to reclaim her space, becoming amazed at the impact it made. She found that everything had a place and her home had a new relaxed feeling -- a huge weight lifted. She runs a custom home organizing business, Home Liberated.