Full Circle

FULL CIRCLE: A story of post-traumatic growth

Tuesday, January 16, 2024 - 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • Library Hall
See the award-winning film, meet featured athlete Trevor Kennison, and kick off the Library's 2024 ONE BOOK STEAMBOAT community read

Faced with a traumatic injury that renders you permanently disabled; how would you reinvent yourself? In 2014, Trevor Kennison's life was forever altered by a broken back - for worse and for better, in equal measures. Barry Corbet, an intrepid skier, mountaineer, explorer, filmmaker, and Jackson Hole legend, broke his back in a helicopter crash in 1968. Frustrated by a pre-ADA culture that did not accept or support the disabled, Barry reinvented himself, becoming a seminal leader in the disability community.

Full Circle (directed by Josh Berman) follows Trevor on a path towards post-traumatic growth in parallel with Barry, 50 years later. Their stories mirror each other, connected through time and space by common locations and motifs; injuries in the Colorado backcountry, rehab at Craig Hospital, fame in Jackson Hole; but also, through their shared resiliency and refusal to let their passion for life be limited by their injuries. Full Circle is an unblinking examination of the challenges of Spinal Cord Injury, and a celebration of the growth that such tragedy can catalyze.

  ***Grand Prize at Banff Mountain Film Festival
  ***Student Choice at Mountainfilm
  ***Audience Choice and Best Adventure Film at Breck Film Fest
  ***Best Feature Film at Wasatch Mountain Film Festival

This free community screening is presented in partnership with STARS (Steamboat Adaptive Recreation Sports) and we will be joined by the film's featured athlete, Trevor Kennison.

About Trevor Kennison

On November 15th, 2014, Trevor Kennison broke his back snowboarding in the Colorado backcountry on Vail Pass. A plumber by trade and a snowboarder only by hobby, Trevor’s entire life was changed forever. Wheelchair bound, his future was filled with uncertainty and devoid of goals or direction. On a whim, Trevor tried sit-skiing for the first time (an adaptive device enabling wheelchair users to ski). His life changed forever once again: setting goals around sit-skiing progression gave him a newfound purpose. In 2019, Trevor showed up as an unknown amateur in Jackson Hole Wyoming, and became the first sit-skier to launch into Corbet’s Couloir at the Kings and Queens of Corbet’s competition. His death-defying 60 foot leap of faith went viral and launched his career as a professional athlete. More importantly, it earned him a spiritual mentor.

Run Time: 

103 min.
"As an athlete, amateur historian, person with a disability and person who loves ski culture; you f-ing nailed this."
Josh Dueck, Paralympic Champion

One Book Steamboat

One Book Steamboat True Biz

This is a featured event to enhance the ONE BOOK STEAMBOAT community reading of Sara Novic's novel True Biz and the Yampa Valley's growth, understanding and inclusion of all disabilities.