Tuba Thieves

Indie Lens Pop-Up ~ The Tuba Thieves

Thursday, May 9, 2024 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
  • Library Hall
The central mystery of this unconventional documentary isn’t about theft; it’s about the nature of sound itself. A film & conversation.

Continuing our One Book Steamboat conversation and learning about deafness, the  2023/'24 Indie Lens season of films and community conversations concludes with a documentary by Alison O’Daniel (Director, Writer, Producer), Su Kim (Producer), Maya E. Rudolph (Producer), and Rachel Nederveld (Producer).

What is the role of sound and what does it mean to listen? Hard of hearing filmmaker Alison O’Daniel uses a series of tuba thefts in Los Angeles high schools as a jumping-off point to explore these questions. Through several d/Deaf people telling stories in a unique game of telephone, the central mystery of The Tuba Thieves isn’t about theft of instruments; it’s about the nature of sound itself.

This screening includes a special interactive experience.

Balloons are an easy, practical way to access the soundtrack of the film through vibration. Historically, Deaf folks gathered in Deaf clubs to watch movies. They held balloons to feel the sound vibrations. Balloons are not an alternative to accessible captions. We are using them to draw attention to the creativity and ingenuity of Disabled audiences. We invite you to blow up a balloon and hold it while you watch a film. Feel the detail of the sound design, music and soundtracks move across the surface.

Just added! Local drummers with the Steamboat Springs African Drum and Dance Ensemble will be play as part of this live interactive experience!

The Tuba Thieves will premiere on PBS on May 20, 2024.

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