Polly Holyoke Author Visit

Local Children's Author Visit ~ Polly Holyoke

Thursday, March 9, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:00am
  • Library Hall
Join children's book author, Polly Holyoke, for a discussion about becoming a better writer and her latest book, Skyriders!

About this Event

Join author Polly Holyoke in Library Hall for her presentation on secrets to becoming a better writer and writing her newest book, Skyriders. Best for ages 8-13, free, no registration required.

Polly Holyoke is the author of the award-winning Neptune Trilogy and the acclaimed Skyriders series. She grew up hiking, skiing and camping in the Colorado mountains. A former social studies teacher, she has LOVED books and reading. She even wrote her first book, 2 Days at Eagle Pass Ranch, with her best friend when she was in fifth grade. This remarkable tale about two girls outwitting horse thieves was never published, but it did get her hooked on writing stories.

Polly has always adored horses and been fascinated by the Pegasus myth. Her favorite picture book when she was little was a beautifully illustrated story of the Greek hero Bellerophon who tamed Pegasus, and together they defeated the terrible three-headed chimera terrorizing Lycea. She’s also been intrigued by the brave young riders of the American Pony Express, and she combined elements of both to create her Skyriders series.

Her husband introduced her to scuba diving, and she’s been fortunate enough to dive all over the world. Like her heroine Nere in her Neptune Trilogy, she is mildly claustrophobic, so she doesn’t dive in wrecks or lava tubes anymore.

She currently lives in the mountains of Colorado with two rescue Chihuahuas and a nice husband who puts up with piles of books all over their house. She enjoys going to work in her pajamas and getting paid for daydreaming.

About the Book

Brand new series launches March 7th!

Wings of Fire meets Pax in this epic fantasy adventure set in a world where human and skysteed share a deep bond of friendship and love. When monsters emerge to attack the empire, it’s up to Kiesandra and her beloved winged horse N’Rah to prove to herself and the imperial army that she has what it takes to lead them to victory… and survival.

Twelve-year-old Kiesandra’s best friend isn’t human, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing jokes and secrets with her winged horse, N’Rah. She, like every other person with a skysteed, can communicate with N’Rah through her mind. Their bond is critical when one day, monsters from long ago reemerge to ravage a nearby village. No one knows how to fight the fearsome chimerae except Kie’s uncle… and now Kie.

Injured in the battle, Uncle Dugs makes her promise to bring his attack plan and weapons to the capital. Kie reluctantly agrees. At the palace, she and N’Rah attempt to gain the trust of the royals and train the army in Dug’s lessons. But how can a young girl and her skysteed convince anyone that only they know how to defeat the deadly monsters?

Buzzing with action, heart, and friendship, this first book in the Skyriders series shows that kids can achieve the impossible—especially with flying horses on their side.

Check out a copy of Skyriders at Bud Werner Memorial Library.