Wild Films ~ Three Wild Shorts

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 - 6:30pm to 7:45pm
  • Library Hall
Wolveries, caribou and more: three short docs, including a top award-winner, from the 2022 International Wildlife Film Festival!

Finding Gulo
Follow a backcountry ski guide and field biologist who sets out to document an elusive population of wolverines. This short film celebrates the power of citizen science to protect endangered wildlife in the face of climate change. Run time: 26 min.

KǪ̀K’ETÌ: Walking With Caribou
WINNER! Best Wildlife Conservation Film at the 2022 IWFF!

The Bathurst caribou herd have roamed Canada’s arctic since time immemorial. Tragically, in just the last 30 years, their population has dropped from half a million to less than ten thousand. The Tłı̨chǫ people have an intimate connection with the Bathurst. The herd has been a source of food, clothing and deep culture. However, a future without the Bathurst has become a very real possibility. Run time: 24 min.

The Fish & The Flame
When a supposedly extinct fish resurfaces in the path of oncoming wildfire, a Colorado biologist braves the flames on a daring rescue mission. Run time: 14 min.


WILD FILMS AT THE LIBRARY is a free series of award-winning international wildlife films selected from the International Wildlife Film Festival. The International Wildlife Film Festival was established in 1977 in Missoula, Montana with a mission to promote awareness, knowledge and understanding of wildlife, habitat, people and nature through excellence in film, television and other media.