Children's Library Use Policy

The Bud Werner Memorial Library (Library) is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for families and children.

Unattended Children

Children under the age of 8 should be accompanied by an adult or caregiver and be within their line of sight while in the library.

Child Safety

Although the library is concerned with the welfare of all its users, the Library is a public place and cannot ensure the safety of children while on the premises. Parents, guardians, and caregivers are directly responsible for the conduct, safety, and supervision of children while on Library premises. 

Appropriate Behavior

The Patron Code of Conduct extends to children and teens as well as adults. Staff should inform children and teens when their behavior is inappropriate for the library. If the inappropriate behavior continues, staff should contact the child’s parents. If inappropriate behavior persists, suspension of library privileges may result.

Access to Children’s Areas

The Children’s area of the Library is specifically designed to serve the needs of age-appropriate users. Adults in that area not using Children’s materials or not using the area for the purpose intended will be asked to use other areas of the Library.

Staff Role

Staff has many responsibilities and cannot always tend to a child’s needs in their fullest capacity. Staff will comfort, console, and tend to injured children as needed, and attempt to contact a parent or caregiver.

Staff will encourage any unattended child to contact his or her parent, guardian, or caregiver before closing time. If the child or staff member cannot locate the parent/guardian either within the library, or by phone, staff will call non-emergency police at 879-1144 to pick up the child.

Two staff members will remain with the child until the parent, guardian, caregiver or police arrive.

Under no circumstances will a staff member transport any child from the Library to another location.

~Adopted by the Board of Trustees: August 24, 2011