Patron Code of Conduct

The Bud Werner Memorial Library (Library) supports the rights of all individuals to free and equal access to the use of the Library without discrimination, intimidation, threat of harm or invasion of privacy.

The Library is dedicated to:

  • Offering friendly, courteous & respectful service.
  • Providing a safe, clean, welcoming and comfortable environment for patrons, staff and volunteers.
  • Protecting public property

We ask all Library users be respectful of each other and behave in a manner that does not disrupt other Library users or interfere with the normal operation of the Library.

The following are prohibited on Library property:

  • Intentionally damaging, destroying or stealing materials, equipment or property belonging to the library, another patron or staff member
  • Sexual, physical, or other harassment
  • Using vulgar, abusive, or threatening language
  • Running, throwing, fighting, bullying or any other behavior which disrupts the library environment
  • Weapons
  • Skateboarding, skating, or using a similar recreational device inside the library.  Bicycles must be left outside the building. Skateboards must be carried
  • The failure to wear shirts and shoes
  • Wearing bathing suits or wet clothing inside of the Library
  • Any type of spiked footwear such as bicycle and baseball cleats or ski boots
  • Accessing  staff areas, unless accompanied by a library employee
  • Consuming alcohol unless during a library approved event
  • Intoxication or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Using audible devices without headphones or using headphones set at a volume that disturbs others. Using any communication device including cell phones in a manner that disturbs others.
  • Persons who pose a health or sanitary risk or whose bodily hygiene constitutes a nuisance to other users of the Library.
  • Using the Library as a place to sleep
  • Viewing images on the public computers or personal laptops that interferes with the use and enjoyment of the library spaces by others
  • Bringing animals inside of the Library building, with the exception of service animals or special library sponsored programs
  • Using library restroom facilities for laundering or bathing
  • Smoking, chewing tobacco or other tobacco use
  • Abandoning personal property
  • Bringing in bulky items that take up excessive space

Enforcement of the Library Use Policy

The Library reserves the right to remove any person whose behavior is disruptive,
is inappropriate for a library environment, or interferes with the use of the Library by others.

~Adopted by the Board of Trustees: August 24, 2011