2017 Snow Drawing: Finding Peace in Nature

Sunday, Feb. 26 2017
Finding Peace in Nature
A snow drawing on TNC's Carpenter Ranch

Gustavo Lozada
Peace in the 2017 snow drawing
The peace sign at the center of 2017's "Finding Peace in Nature" snow drawing

About 40 volunteer artists met at the historic Carpenter Ranch in Hayden to create a community snow drawing on The Nature Conservancy's conserved haymeadow next to the Yampa River. The theme for this installation was "Finding Peace in Nature," and artists walked their own spirals, swirls and snowshoe-fueled embellishments to the landscape surrounding a giant peace sign that artists placed in the center of the community's design.


Justin Hirsch
At work on Finding Peace in Nature
Community snowshoe artists fanned out over the Carpenter Ranch haymeadow to create "Finding Peace in Nature."

Volunteer artists started this snow drawing in the morning and worked throughout a bluebird day.

Justin Hirsch
Finding Peace in Nature at sunset
The sun sets over the Carpenter Ranch and our 2017 snow drawing.

During the day, two drone pilots, Justin Hirsch and Gustavo Lozada, filmed the artists' work, capturing the process and the final installation in these videos.

A 2017 film by Justin Hirsch captures the "Finding Peace in Nature" installation at sunset.
This video by TNC's Gustavo Lozada features the "Finding Peace in Nature" 2017 snow drawing installation on the Carpenter Ranch

Our drone pilot photographers also stitched together some beautiful overviews of the entire snow drawing. (Hint: If you click on the photo, it will open up larger so you can see more detail.)

Justin Hirsch
2017 snow drawing stitch
A straight-down, stitched-together view on the 2017 snow drawing

The 2017 Community Snow Drawing was sponsored by The Nature Conservancy's Carpenter Ranch & Bud Werner Memorial Library.