2019 Snow Drawing: Wordscape on the Landscape

Sunday, Jan. 27, 2019
Wordscape on the Landscape
A snow drawing on TNC's Carpenter Ranch

Justin Hirsch
Your Word in the 2019 Snow Drawing
"Your Word" emblazoned in the 2019 Snow Drawing

Volunteers were greeted at the main ranch house by a wild turkey that has taken up residence outside the front door this winter. After gathering to learn about the landscape that was our canvas and sharing inspired ideas about how to delve into individual contributions to the snow pattern, about 65 volunteer artists snowshoed out to the haymeadow to disperse and begin the 2019 installation.

Artists had the perfect weather window for a snow drawing on the Carpenter Ranch haymeadow.  The snow was fresh and deep.

Justin Hirsch
"Magical Powder" in the 2019 Snow Drawing
"Magical Powder" in the Wordscape on the Carpenter Ranch

The 2019 design was inspired by words. Artists used their snowshoe-clad feet as pencils to write an inspiring story in the snow. All actual words on display over the haymeadow were imagined and executed by our  community artists. They chose their words carefully, with instructions to pick a positive word (or short expression) inspired by our wild Yampa Valley environment. Word choices could reflect an action, an emotion, a feature in nature or an evocative cry to action. After mapping out a path to walk giant letters in the snow, many artists added art, spirals and embellished designs to their messages.


Justin Hirsch
Imagine in the 2019 Snow Drawing
One inspired word inside the 2019 Snow Drawing

At sunset, local designer pilot Justin Hirsch flew his drone over the design to capture the Wordscape on the Landscape in its entirety, and created this film. Watch it full-screen for maximum impact!

Wordscape on the Landscape, the 2019 Community Snow Drawing

The 2019 Community Snow Drawing was sponsored by The Nature Conservancy's Carpenter Ranch & Bud Werner Memorial Library.