2012 Snow Drawings on Rabbit Ears Pass

January & February 2012
Steamboat Springs' first Community Snow Drawings
Rabbit Ears Pass

Cedar Beauregard
Rabbit Ears Pass Snow Drawing
An aerial look at the snow drawings that captivated drivers traveling along US 40 over Rabbit Ears Pass

During two weekends in late January and early February 2012, a small group of volunteer artists embarked upon the first Community Snow Drawings, led by environmental artist Sonja Hinrichsen. This ephemeral installation followed on Hinrichsen's stunning solo installation at The Nature Conservancy's Carpenter Ranch in 2011.

The Rabbit Ears Snow Drawings received significant press on many art, design and culture websites and magazines, and they were featured on NPR, MSNBC, The Discovery Channel and public TV Tokyo. Hinrichsen's photographic prints and video have been shown in exhibitions in California and Europe.

This installation was also honored for being among the world's best environmental art.

Cedar Beauregard
Rabbit Ears 2012 Snow Drawing
Artists walked spirals on both sides of US 40 during the 2012 Community Snow Drawing.

Local drone pilot Cedar Beauregard filmed the action while about a dozen artists worked on the west side of Rabbit Ears pass, and he made this short film about it...

And, a week later, as artists worked on the other side of US 40, Cedar Beauregard made another drone video of the snow drawing in action...

Want to see more?

Click here to see Sonja Hinrichsen's full collection of aerial images from the 2012 installation on Rabbit Ears Pass. Thank you to local pilot Jack Dysart for generously flying Sonja over the snow drawing!

And check out the collection of Cedar Beauregard's still images from his drone.